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Heart Workshop


  • What should I do? The nurse said that the confinement center I had originally booked would not accept the baby after hearing that the baby had cleft lip and palate...

  • She is a little girl. How much can the surgery restore her face?

  • Not only my parents-in-law, but even my mother started to blame me after she found out. There must be something I didn’t pay attention to.



We understand the feelings of all parents and know that what you need more is how to take care of your baby after birth.

Dear prospective parents, please feel free to contact us!


We sincerely invite prospective parents of babies with cleft lip and palate

Join us for the TuBaoEr Parent Growth Workshop

Through personal life experience review, volunteer mothers’ experience sharing, medical consultation and care skills sharing, etc.

We will help pregnant women and their families reduce prenatal anxiety

Providing higher quality care in the future

Let us accompany you to welcome Rabbit Baby🐰


Rabbit Parent Workshop

The fourth session



Rabbit Parent Workshop

The third session




The second session

2022.12 .10

Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association

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The Association is supported by the Chinese Social Welfare Federation
Taiwan 113 Abnormal Pregnancy Family Service Program
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