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Thank you for your help

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Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association sincerely thanks every donor for their kindness.

Regardless of the amount,

Your kindness is the force that encourages us to move forward.

We will all try our best

Continue to help every baby, pregnant woman and family in the field of fetal medicine

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"Save the Fetus" Baby Your Future Support Event


In the face of declining birthrates, every child is precious

Those who wish to stay should do their best to support

Family members with disabilities should be protected with all their strength

From saving fetuses to helping orphaned children

We are very happy to be able to use this event to

Connecting the frontier and follow-up of friendly fertility

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Thank you to all our partners for your kind response, which has given the children of St. Francis Orphanage a little more love at the end of the year and has allowed the ministry of saving unborn children to go further.

Every child is precious. We hope to build social consensus bit by bit and make Taiwan a fertility-friendly paradise.

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Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association

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The Association is supported by the Chinese Social Welfare Federation
Taiwan 113 Abnormal Pregnancy Family Service Program
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