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This association brings together all the experts in the field of fetal medicine.

Co-authored seven published books on fetal heart disease, cleft lip and palate care manuals, fetal imaging, and perinatal safety.

Untitled Work 19.png
Untitled Work 19.png
未命名的作品 19.png
Untitled Work 19.png

Postpartum Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment Guide

Publication date: 2022.01


Fetal imaging diagnosis (2): Systemic case details

Publication date: 2019.11



Publication date: 2020.09


A healthy head - Taiwanese infant development assessment manual

Publication date: 2020.06



Publication date: 2020.06

Untitled Work 19.png
未命名的作品 19.png
未命名的作品 19.png

This is a very strenuous job that is not easy to get applause.

We believe that... every book carries the expectations and tears of parents.

So we have to keep going no matter the cost.

If you like our publications

Please continue to affirm and support us!

Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association

  • 地址:104台北市中山區中山北路2段162號9樓之1(台北服務處)                 242新北市新莊區新北大道三段210號1樓(新莊服務處)

  • 電話:(02) 66041785

  • e-mail :

The Association is supported by the Chinese Social Welfare Federation
Taiwan 113 Abnormal Pregnancy Family Service Program
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