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Fetal hotline

About Services for Families with Pregnant Babies


The Association will hold related care workshops from time to time and plan a series of care courses for expectant parents who are pregnant with babies with congenital abnormalities.

We believe that this is an elective course for every prospective parent to learn how to care for their baby, and it is also an indispensable compulsory course in life.

Fetal hotline

Accompanying pregnant women and their families who have abnormal fetuses during pregnancy, through consultation and conversation, we help them find the power of security, trust and support to get through the valley.

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What should I do? The nurse said that the confinement center I had originally booked would not accept the baby after hearing that the baby had cleft lip and palate...


This association brings together all the insights in the field of fetal medicine, so that everyone can get professional answers to the worries and problems that have been accumulating in their hearts for a long time.

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The Band

Through music, special children and normal children can get along well with each other and cultivate team spirit.


Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association

  • 地址:104台北市中山區中山北路2段162號9樓之1(台北服務處)                242新北市新莊區新北大道三段210號1樓(新莊服務處)

  • 電話:(02) 66041785

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The Association is supported by the Chinese Social Welfare Federation
Taiwan 113 Abnormal Pregnancy Family Service Program
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