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Fetal hotline

  • "After a few surgeries, will my baby have a chance to run or climb like a normal child?"

  • "What should I do if my child still has problems with pronunciation even after surgery?"

  • "No one knows how hard I worked to have this child. If he is sick, it is my fate. But no one supports me to keep him. What should I do?"

  • "I'm afraid that my child's appearance when he grows up will affect his self-confidence in the future, but I heard that surgery has made great progress now, and I don't want to give up on him. Is there anyone who can talk to me?"

This is the first social welfare service organization in Taiwan to be based on fetal medicine.

With the family at the core of our work, we also focus on the physical and mental health of pregnant women and the human rights of the fetus.

We will accompany pregnant women and their families who are carrying abnormal fetuses during pregnancy, and help them find the power of security, trust and support through consultation and negotiation, and walk through the valley.

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Our Service Target

(1) Pregnant women or families who have concerns or are anxious about continuing their pregnancy

(2) Pregnant women or families who feel depressed and sad about terminating their pregnancy

(3) Pregnant women or families who want to know information related to fetal abnormalities

(4) Pregnant women or families who want to learn about postpartum medical benefits




Professional Consultant

We know that the decision-making process is difficult, whether it is to give birth to an abnormal baby,

Or choose to terminate the pregnancy, just like swinging back and forth on the two ends of the scale. Through "psychological support and care", you are not alone in facing difficulties. Let the warm and powerful professional counselors help you who are hesitant and anxious.

Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association

  • Address: 9F-1, No. 162, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104 (Taipei Service Office) 1F, No. 210, Section 3, Xinbei Boulevard, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City 242 (Xinzhuang Service Office)

  • Tel: (02) 66041785

  • e-mail:

The Association is supported by the Chinese Social Welfare Federation
Taiwan 113 Abnormal Pregnancy Family Service Program
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