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Chairman's words

With more than 20 years of experience in fetal medicine clinical services, I deeply feel that when pregnant women and their families seek treatment face abnormal fetal growth patterns, they immediately suffer from the loss of expectations and the subsequent pressures of medical integration and social perception, which are all heartbreaking.

We saw the helplessness of mothers in the clinic and felt the difficult decisions at every stage of pregnancy. So...

In response to the call, in March 2019, a group of medical professionals who were equally committed to the development of fetal medicine organized this association.

With the aim of professionalism, responsibility and mission, we provide supportive services for mothers and fetuses.

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Fetal Medicine Expert Advisory Group

The Fetal Medicine Expert Advisory Group is a strong supporter of the Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association

Provide professional medical advice before and after birth to families with abnormal fetuses

Let us work together to strive for the children of Taiwan.

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