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Latest News >> [Announcement] Changes to the financial use plan items and extension of the financial use plan for the "Abnormal Pregnancy Family Service Project" public welfare fundraising activity

The public welfare fundraising activity of the "Abnormal Fetus Family Service Project" that this association has been soliciting for funds from January 1 to December 31, 2012 (fundraising license number: Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 1101364501). Since this project has been approved for funding by the United Fundraising Association of the Republic of China, the planned fundraising amount has been revised, the financial use plan items have been changed, and the financial use period has been extended to February 28, 2013.

The above changes in the financial use plan have been reviewed and approved by the 2nd Joint Meeting of the 4th Board of Directors and Supervisors of this Association, and have been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in its letter No. 1111364371 dated December 22, 2012.

According to Article 8 of the Public Welfare Fundraising Permit Regulations: "When there are changes to the plan for the use of funds raised from fundraising activities, public schools should report to their education authorities for approval, and other fundraising groups should report to the board of directors for approval, and report to the competent authority for approval. At the same time, the donors should be notified or announced, and a period of more than one month should be specified, stating that the donors may raise objections within the period.

If a donor raises an objection within the period specified in the preceding paragraph, the fundraising group shall return the donated property.

If donors to this fundraising project (fundraising period is 111.1.1~111.12.31) have any objections to the above-mentioned changes in the financial use plan, please write to between now (December 22, 2012) and January 31, 2013 to arrange for the return of your donations.

Business contact: Taiwan Fetal Medicine Promotion Association (02) 6604-1785

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Ministry of Health and Welfare agrees to change the permit document.pdf

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